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How much do you REALLY need to make work optional?
It may not be as much as you think
 Let’s grind the numbers together and find out
What You'll Learn In This Workshop

- When you can achieve financial freedom, because at that point, working becomes optional

- What expenses may decrease when you reach financial freedom, freeing up more money!

- What you might want to spend more on, because there are ways money can buy happiness  

- How much assets do you personally need to cover your lifestyle without having to work, this can be through a stock and bond protfolio, real estate investments, or a combination of these assets (and how to do these calculations for yourself) so you can feel financially secure 

Learn Your Number For
Financial Freedom Workshop
Saturday, Feb 18, 2023
2pm EST
Cost: Purchase of
Made for More: Physician Entrepreneurs Who Live Life and Practice Medicine on Their Own Terms

To register, email proof of purchase (a receipt) to 


with Subject "Workshop"


My name is Elisa Chiang, MD PhD

I'm a self made millionaire within 5 years of completing my medical training through regular investing in stocks, bonds and real estate. I'm an oculplastics surgeon and reached millionaire status with an annual salary of $225,000. I decided in medical school I wanted to reach financial indepndence early in my career and am now helping others do the same. It starts with knowing your numbers. In this workshop, you'll learn what those numbers are for you. When do you want to be financially free?

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