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I help physicians who feel trapped and tied to their paychecks build their path towards financial independence so they can practice medicine on their terms.


We start by looking at the life you have created now and what life you want to create.

Then we work together to make that happen. 

We “meet” weekly via Zoom, with plenty of support via email to keep you on track. 

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Emmie, MD

I have really liked working with Elisa, she is a really good listener. I feel like I’ve really figured out my financial situation, especially with my public loan forgiveness. Elisa pushed me to take action on that when I thought I had already done everything I could. She helped me to think of what else I could do. I took action and now I have my loans forgiven and that’s amazing. I feel so much more empowered. After working with Elisa, I’m not avoiding my money and my finances. The work I’ve done with money is not only about managing my money but also working on my capacity to have money. I realize I am totally worth what I make and that’s a really nice place to be.“  


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Imagine obtaining whatever dream or goal you have and how it would feel to be able to share what you have achieved!

N.V. Internal Medicine Physician

I love working with Elisa. I think it’s been really helpful to have a guide to getting my financial affairs in order. Going through the numbers with Elisa helped me see that I am in a better position than I thought it was, and that encourages me to get my financial affairs in order.  I’ve been able to question my old limiting beliefs so I can have a more abundant mindset instead of scarcity like “I’m not doing so good.” It has opened up my eyes. It helps me feel more confident in wanting to take control of my business and my financial affairs.

If you’re thinking of working with Elisa, I would say go or it! It’s very important to have someone guide you as you are creating your financial plan and to implement your financial plan for you and your family. I think it’s always helpful to have another pair of eyes that have experience in financial matters to help me think of financial matters I haven’t considered before.