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Do you feel lost when it comes to manging your money?

Do you wish you could hand it off to someone else but you don't trust anyone enough to do that (and deep down, you know that's not the best idea either)?


Do you want to feel in control of your money and finances?

Do you want to feel confident or secure about your financial situation? 

You have dreams and goals but have no idea what it would money it would take to make it happen.

You fear losing money and not having "enough." 

Thinking abou money makes your feel uncomfortable.

Whenever you try to learn about finances, you feel down on yourself for not knowing more.

If you are a physician, you are smart and capable. Learning about money and manging finances is easy compared to practicing medicine. 

Let me be your guide. 


We start by looking at the life you have created now and what life you want to create.

Then we work together to make that happen, including how to finance it all.

We “meet” weekly via Zoom, with plenty of support via email to keep you on track. 

Let's Chat


Interested in learning more? 

Want to see if we'd be a good fit?


Emmie, M.D.

I have really liked working with Elisa, she is a really good listener. I feel like I’ve really figured out my financial situation, especially with my public loan forgiveness. Elisa pushed me to take action on that when I thought I had already done everything I could. She helped me to think of what else I could do. I took action and now I have my loans forgiven and that’s amazing. I feel so much more empowered. After working with Elisa, I’m not avoiding my money and my finances. The work I’ve done with money is not only about managing my money but also working on my capacity to have money. I realize I am totally worth what I make and that’s a really nice place to be.  

N.V. Internal Medicine Physician

I love working with Elisa. I think it’s been really helpful to have a guide to getting my financial affairs in order. Going through the numbers with Elisa helped me see that I am in a better position than I thought it was, and that encourages me to get my financial affairs in order.  I’ve been able to question my old limiting beliefs so I can have a more abundant mindset instead of scarcity like “I’m not doing so good.” It has opened up my eyes. It helps me feel more confident in wanting to take control of my business and my financial affairs.


If you’re thinking of working with Elisa, I would say go or it! It’s very important to have someone guide you as you are creating your financial plan and to implement your financial plan for you and your family. I think it’s always helpful to have another pair of eyes that have experience in financial matters to help me think of financial matters I haven’t considered before.

Aous Alshehabi, M.D.

Being coached by Elisa is a wonderful opportunity.  Pleasant, patient and understanding.  Helped me transition from a state of present uncertainty, fogginess and to a state of solid understanding of my present financial situation pillars. Then coached me to understand the past and encouraged me to have clear future financial picture.

I'm Canadian physician and one of my worries were that an American physician will not be on the same page and those worries were dissipated with the experience I had with Elisa.

S.A. Radiologist

I doubted when I signed up for coaching, but it turned out being coached by Elisa was an amazing opportunity. I really liked chatting with her and talking through my struggles. She is a patient listener and yet guides me through to see the obstacles and possibilities. She helped me with practicing thought processing and a positive mindset. Coaching helped me a lot. I don’t sigh when I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel overwhelmed any more. Every morning, I feel fully charged and excited to help those who need me. Coaching not only helped me with struggles at work but also with relationships. I enjoy my professional and personal life more than ever before. I would highly recommend working with Elisa.

M.K. Family Medicine Physician

I was a little skeptical about the coaching process at first, but after doing it, I think overall, I think it works. With coaching, I’ve been able to realize that a lot of the things I want to achieve are in my control. I’ve gotten the tools in order to be more organized and just be able to complete tasks that I don’t like doing. After coaching, I’m able to get out of clinic at a more reasonable time period. I am more organized in my life. When it comes to my big goals, I feel like I’m definitely on the path to get there. I still have a lot of work, but I have the tools to get there and I feel confident that I will get there eventually.

I definitely recommend working with Elisa. I think she has a lot of knowledge about finance, real estate, and a lot of knowledge about mindset. She has some good coaching tools. I love the app. I looked forward to the coaching sessions and they were fun.

 S.E. Ophthalmologist

When I started coaching, I didn't know what to expect but I definitely have gained a lot of tools to help me as I continue on this path of making a big change in my career. I feel like I've come a long way, and I'm still a work in progress but I’m in a better mental space of trying to get the most out of my career and work life. When I came to Elisa, I felt like I was still trying to figure that out. I was still stuck in a circle of indecision and my head was getting in my own way of trying to figure out what I like to do and enjoying what I like to do, and then figuring out the next steps to get me to that place of where I want to go with my career.


I think the consistency of meeting weekly really helped. Elisa was really good and teasing things out that I didn't realize and uncovered things that I didn't realize were there. Getting another perspective on something that I had been thinking about for a while was helpful.


I haven't had any type of professional coaching, other than sports coaching when I was young, before this. Coaching has been really helpful to me. There are times when I'm thinking about something and I think “what would my coach say in this situation?”


I feel more decisive and less going back and forth. I felt that Elisa very systematically got me through the goals we discussed at the beginning. I definitely recommend coaching to friends and colleagues. I recommend coming with an open mind and with an idea of what you want to get out of coaching. I don’t think you have to do a lot of preparation for coaching sessions with Elisa because she makes it digestible and not intimidating, which is helpful, especially for a busy professional.  I do think that the Positive Intelligence program included has been helpful to give another tool to keep working on going forward. 

Liz Aguirre, MD

Kate P, MD

I initially wanted to work with Dr. Chiang to learn more about real estate investing. She was a wealth of knowledge regarding this, but I found that our conversations lead to personal growth far beyond learning about investing in real estate.  She asked questions that challenged my way of thinking and motivated me to get my finances in better order. She helped me put together a plan to be on the path to financial independence.

She is bright, kind and encouraging and provides honest feedback- which is invaluable! I will definitely continue working with Dr. Chiang! She is amazing!

James Chan, MD

When I started my coaching with Elisa, I was burnt out and contemplating quitting medicine.  With her coaching, I was able to find clarity and purpose in my work, and develop a plan that allowed me to balance my work with my life.  More importantly I feel I have a sense of direction, knowing that I have a choice in the work I do.  She is especially knowledgeable about  real estate and alternate streams of income, which has given me confidence in knowing that I can achieve financial independence outside of medicine.  This in turn frees me up to work on my own terms, and have the freedom to not let medicine overtake my life.  Elisa has helped me achieve that clarity, and because of her financial and investing background, has helped me better understand how to make my money work better for me.

Ophthalmologist, MD

I reached out to Elisa when I was really struggling with burnout and unhappy in my medical career. I was really feeling trapped and it was giving me lots of anxiety.  It was affecting my home life as well. Coaching with her really helped. She is a great listener and really helped me look internally to examine why I was having so much trouble. She helped me find ways to cope and change things for the better. With her guidance, I was able to make changes at work to achieve a better work-life balance. My anxiety and feelings of burnout have definitely improved. I now also have mechanisms to help me in the future if some of these feelings return. I feel much happier at work and at home. Thank you Elisa!

Anne Richardson, MD

For a long time I been ambivalent to financial investment.  Ambivalent, not meaning I didn't care (I care a lot) but feeling stuck/ uneducated/ unskilled to make sophisticated financial decisions.  I was pursuing only active income (direct patient care) to grow my wealth.  During my time with Dr. Chiang I was able to unpack the myths I have held about wealth, making money and financial growth. Through this time together she demystified simple and more complex investment options.  I feel empowered and prepared to make financial movements outside of just active income through the medical field.   My husband and I are making decisions to grow that work for our family, time and comfort with risk.  I am so glad I chose to spend this time NOW with Dr. Chiang for it is already paying in dividends!

D Babu, MD

I had a wonderful experience working with Elisa over a period of several months.  I came in with a vague sense that I wanted to advocate more effectively around some of the pain points at work, and over the course of our conversations I was able to get much more clarity!  We were able to identify some actionable steps that I could take, and set in place some helpful timelines as well.  I now feel empowered and the issues I've been dealing with feel more manageable.   Thank you Elisa!

I have long held many limiting beliefs about money. Elisa has really helped me to see which negative thoughts were playing on repeat in my brain. With her coaching, I was able to find new thoughts that were believable to me and I’ve made a lot of progress in moving away with the scarcity mindset. Coaching with Elisa was well worth the money!

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