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My Story

Call me Elisa, short for Elizabeth. I am a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon who has worked both in private practice as well as for a bureaucratic hospital system. The hospital system, along with taking 24-7 call, resulted in burnout.   

I dove into the world of personal finance and investing when I was in the grad school years of the MSTP (combined MD/PhD program) and set my mind toward FIRE before the term became popularized. I started investing in stocks and mutual funds as a graduate student. I started tracking my net worth in 2005 and making calculations for financial independence. (I have a free tool to help you do that too! Get it here.) After reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," I tackled real estate investing and flipped two houses before graduating medical school.

Fast forward to many years later after completing my medical training and working for a hospital system. When I reached burnout, I turned again to real estate investing as the avenue to financial independence so I could walk away from medicine. Luckily, it was also around this time that I discovered life coaching. It was through life coaching that I was able to overcome burnout. Life coaching lead me to work on designing my ideal life. 

I continue to invest in real estate actively with rental property that I self-manage, and passively with syndications and real estate funds.

I can help you overcome burnout, get out of the trap of arrival fallacy, and build your path to financial independence while enjoying the journey to get there. I can’t wait to work on your money mindset or help you toward whatever goal you want to accomplish.


My Approach

I am a certified coach from The Life Coach School. As your coach, I will help you explore your mind and work on your mindset to find the answers within you. You truly have all the answers you need, it just needs to be unlocked where it's hiding under the feelings of stress, fear, or burnout. I simply help you find the clarity you need to ultimately take the action and tap into your true potential. 

We are all meant to do great things and live an extraordinary life. If you believe this is true for you, take the first step and make an investment in yourself. 

I work 1:1 with clients in weekly sessions where we meet virtually on Zoom. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about working with me and see if we would be a good fit. 

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Take the first steps and get the Financial Independence workbook!

Listen to The Grow Your Wealthy Mindset Podcast to learn more on money mindset, personal finance, investing and asset protection. I also publish a YouTube Video each week where you can hear more about my approach to life and coaching. You can also follow me on Instagram @growyourwealthy mindset or Facebook @ElisaChiang.  

My goal is to help physicians create their best life now. I believe that physicians who have financial security and  achieve financial independence can better negotiate in order to practice medicine in a way they find meaningful and fulfilling. 

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