Introducing The Grow Your Wealthy Mindset Podcast
May 23, 2022

This is a pre-podcast episode to introduce the new podcast that is releasing on June 1, 2022!

Episode 1: Growing a Wealthy Mindset
June 1, 2022

Dr. Elisa Chiang started her financial education in 2004 when she bought her first house while still a student. Tune in to hear her story and see how she grew her monthly mindset which led her to be a millionaire within 3 years of finishing her medical training.

Sadly, there are many physicians who are have earned a good income but have not built wealth. More and more physicians are becoming burned out as our health care system continues to change. Join the movement of physicians embarking on the journey to take matters in our own hands so we can continue to thrive.

Tune in each week to learn more on how to grow your wealthy mindset!

Imagine your life when you have the financial knowledge to create wealth so you can practice medicine on your own terms.

Episode 2: Arrival Fallacy
June 8, 2022

Many of us have fallen into the trap of arrival fallacy, or the belief that you'll finally have lasting happiness once you achieve a specific goal our outcome.  Yes, reaching goals can make us feel happy for a while, but eventually that becomes your new baseline and life goes back to "normal." Learning to enjoy the journey which is going to include both ups and downs will lead to more happiness now.

Episode 3: Your Financial Net Worth
June 15, 2022

Do you know your financial net worth?

If you don't, then this episode is for you!

If you're working on growing your wealth, you'll want to know where you stand now.

You'll also want to give some serious thought about what that means to you.

Episode 4: Understanding Debt
June 22, 2022

Debt is money that you bought and the price you pay for that money is interest. Debt is neither good nor bad. Understanding debt can take away some of the shame people have around debt. The ability to buy money is actually a great benefit.

Episode 5: Financial Mistakes Physicians Make
June 29, 2022

Everyone makes financial mistakes. Some are smaller, like missed opportunities, and some are larger, costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more financial mistakes you can avoid, the better.  Talking about financial mistakes helps other people avoid them. Here are some financial mistakes physicians often make.